The Great Hank Aaron Is Gone!

The Great Hank Aaron has died. Hank Aaron epitomized the change in baseball and the change in America. Other that the ground breaking move by Dodgers President Branch Ricky to bring Jackie Robinson to the major leagues and break the color barrier in 1947. Players like Larry Dobie, Willie Mays and a few years later Aaron symbolized the desegregation of baseball and the start of opening up the country to all citizens. Some 74 years later we’re still working our way forward down that road. Hank Aaron was one of the greatest players in baseball history and broke the sacred long standing record of most home runs in a career in 1974 of course held by Babe Ruth. For his feat he received death threats and much racial hatred and vitriol, but his accomplishment and his class and spirit persevered. Hank Aaron was 86 years old.

Photo: Hulton Archive / Stringer


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