The History of the Best Movie Theater in the Area!

Hi this is Leslie Harris. Did you know that the Tivoli Theater in Downers Grove was the second theater in the country built to show talkies?

You can learn the history about this amazing theater this Saturday in a special film called, “History Happens Here: The Tivoli Theater. And, it’s being shown at the Tivoli!

The Downers Grove Historical Society presents this film at 10:30, Saturday May 13th. It takes a look at the lives of Willis, Shirley and Chris Johnson, the owners of the Tivoli Theater, as historians of the Year 2023 in this new documentary.

You’ll see a celebration of the history of Downers Grove and the Tivoli Theater, by local filmmaker Jim Toth.

History Happens Here: The Tivoli Theater will be shown Saturday May 13th at 10:30 a.m. at the Tivoli Theater, 5021 highland Avenue in Downers Grove. Tickets are only $5, and are available HERE