The Holidays Fly By In The Wink Of An Eye….And Maybe That’s Not Such A Bad Thing!

So here we are at the start of another new year. 2019 and it seems like Christmas was way long ago….no? Actually just 8 days. Oh well! The holidays come and go and seem so shorty lived, but if you want a reminder of just how long they were here or the affect you they might have had, take a look at your credit card or bank statements. Well all those purchases seemed like a good idea at the time, right!  I’m a guy who likes to spoil his lady and his grand kids, but it is good that these holidays don’t linger!! Can you imagine eating and drinking like this for say a month or so? Actually in some ways we did, from Thanksgiving on, right! The new years brings renewal and resolutions of things we can do better or that we should change or maybe abandon all together! Susie and I have decided to do a cleanse for the month of  January. No alcohol, no pasta or bread, no sugar…did I say no alcohol? Yeah that’s what I was afraid I said! Tough, I’m thinkin’ but effective! Loose a bit o weight, clean out the system, clear the mind and there ya go! The holidays could not be sustained, but I’m hopin’ this will. I’ll keep ya updated on any and all positives and progress! I know this blog is not about sports, but the skinny guy is an image and therefore part of the story (we hope) so I’ll try to be a good sport, none the less!!



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