It seems like custom beers are a very popular trend!

Bands are teaming up with breweries to create their own beers. Queen, AC/DC and Metallica all have their own beers. Corporate brands are reaching out to breweries to create brews, like Planters did with Lisle’s Noon Whistle.

We here at 95.9 The River did a special beer with our buds at Hopvine in Aurora to raise money for charity.

Even events will commission breweries to create special beers. That’s exactly what newly-sworn in Governor Pritzker did with this special beer brewed just for the inauguration party yesterday called The InaugurALE.

Like most beer made for mass consumption, its a light, crisp, clean beer with no crazy adjunct ingratiates that would turn off the non-craft beer crowd. The K.I.S.S philosophy comes into play in these scenarios.

I think it’s great! The more beer the better!