Jess is our newest member of the Weekend River and she is super cool.  (You may have seen her when she joined Nick and I for Game of Microphones.)  All I need to tell you about Jess is that she once flew to London to see The Who play at the Royal Albert Hall. (mic drop)  This girl knows hows to rock and you can hear her do it every other Sunday from 10-3.

So Jess is combining some geographical history with some good old rock and roll.  She wants to know if you were creating a Rock Mount Rushmore (shall we say Rock Rushmore?)  Who would you put on it.

This is a tough one … but one thing I know for sure … is we are gonna get some #GirlPower on that Rock Rushmore.  The toughest thing about this challenge is picking just four.   To start with I didn’t pick a Beatle …because I couldn’t pick which one.  Who do you go with? (Okay maybe not Ringo … but the other three all worthy additions to Rock Rushmore.)   So instead I went with Mick.  There are so many Rolling Stones classic songs and they are all so different musically, and the fact that Mick still brings it to every show means he more than has earned his spot on my Rock Rushmore.   I was torn between Freddie and Elton and wanted to pick both but went with just Elton because his career lasted longer and he has been around for so many historical moments in music.    Then I had to go with the gypsy queen herself.  Stevie Nicks has always rocked a little and as the first woman in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame multiple times … she has more than earned her spot.  I would love to put Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder or Sam Cooke on my Rushmore but if we are sticking with rock then my last spot would have to go to Jimi Hendrix.  He broke the mold.  He wasn’t with us for long but the inspiration, amazing talent and just general bad assery he left behind has influenced so much music we hear today.

So there you go …


That’s quite a monument to rock!