So Leslie Harris is truly a Rock Mama.   The girl loves to rock and she has a huge heart.  (let’s just say if you are kitten … Leslie Harris is a dream come true!)   But back to the rock part … Leslie has some serious stories.   She and I worked at competitive Chicago rock stations in the nineties. and we have had a lot of fun remembering those days (the good, the bad and the can’t be repeated!)  So obviously I was going to ask my radio rock sister to help out with the Music Challenge.

So Leslie loves a live show maybe even more than I do. So it makes sense that she wants to know which artist you have seen live the most, and how many times?  I am pretty sure I know what Leslie’s answer is gonna be because she has one band that she loves more than any other.

I realized when tackling this Music Challenge I really don’t have that sort of band in my life.  I am just a huge lover of music and live shows … so I go to see everyone if I can.   But I have never followed anyone around the country on tour or had an artist that I would change plans so that I wouldn’t miss their show.  This shouldn’t surprise you but I think the band I have seen the most is Duran Duran.   I think I have seen them 8 times.  The first time was when they opened for Blondie, I saw them twice at Wembley Arena in London and the rest was either in Chicago or Detroit.  (I actually introduced them three of those eight shows … so that was fun.)    I think I saw the Eurythmics 5 times and of course Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac 5 times.  Other than that I really have only seen most artists 2 or 3 times.   But I have seen a lot of different artists (I saw two live shows just last week … ELO for the first time, James for the first time and Psychedelic Furs for the third time).

Here’s a little peek at what those early eighties shows looked like 🙂

So tell Leslie Harris … which band you never miss?