The lesser Oscars

So the Academy Awards are tonight.  For some reason, that’s the award show that seems to get the most attention.  Of course, some people have complained that it runs too long, especially being that it’s on a Sunday night.  And everyone has their own way they think that should be dealt with.  My wife thinks they should shut people up with the speeches sooner.

But it looks like the Oscar people have decided that the awards for cinematography, live-action short, film editing, and makeup and hairstyling are a little expendable as far as the TV audience goes, and they’ll be given out during commercial breaks.  The people who win those will still be happy but maybe slightly bummed.

But imagine being the people who get those scientific and technical Oscars.  They don’t even get a real audience!  They had their awards dinner already on the 9th.  Maybe some of them feel like, “We’re just nerds getting awards and getting applauded by other nerds.”

Why can’t they be on TV?  Doesn’t anyone want to know who got awarded for the PLX System’s novel security mechanism for distributing media?  Or what about research on the fundamental scientific properties of subdivision surfaces as 3D geometric modeling primitives?  And I hate having to look up who won for the invention of the Polarized Spherical Gradient Illumination facial appearance capture method!

OK, maybe I just answered my own question.