The Lines For Mexican Food Were Too Long…So We Went for the Polish Version!

With what seems like the entire GD world, we tried to order some tacos for Cinco de Mayo. I know…so original, right?!

However, it turned out to be the perfect storm — Cinco de Mayo on a Taco Tuesday during a pandemic. It just wasn’t happening! We tried a few different location, but everyone slammed and we weren’t even able to plan an order! So, we had to go to Plan B! Since we couldn’t get tacos, we got the Polish version: pierogi!


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Tacos were hard to come by tonight, so plan B was the Polish version…pierogi from Drunken Donut. That free brownie tho…

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We ordered the meat/spinach and the potato/cheese and they were absolutely delicious, and we didn’t have to wait in line! It was $25 for two dozen pierogi and two kielbasa. MmMMmmMmMm….food from the Mother Land!

These happened to be from a Joliet staple right on Rt. 30 called the Joliet Bakery, Deli and Liquor, a.k.a The Drunken Donut, a.k.a. Stan’s. It’s a very strange place, so be prepared, but oh so good!

They didn’t even pay for this commercial!

I think we’ll try for the tacos tonight when we aren’t fighting the entire Joliet area to get in the door.