The Little Miracles in Life

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and a small miracle over the weekend, except to me, it was a pretty big miracle.

As you may know, I foster cats. This is my foster kitten Yasha. She had a gash across the top of her foot when she came to me, and a local vet determined that her toe needing to be amputated. Unfortunately, they determined that the surgery was too complicated, and we were going to have to take her to a specialist.

The agency I foster through St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines, doesn’t have a huge budget. We are 100% volunteer based, and a vet specialist is usually pretty pricey.

A friend of mine contacted me and connected me with a vet downstate, who told me he would perform the surgery for a small amount, and my daughter happened to be going to that town anyway this weekend! Everything lined up so perfectly, I really feel like this was a miracle. The surgery happened Sunday, and Yasha is home and on the mend.

What miracle are you present to? By the way, once she is all healed up, Yasha will be available for adoption – minus one toe!

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