The Louvre Is The Most Popular Museum In The World! You Can See Why!!

This past late September and early October Susie and I were lucky enough to visit London for 5 days and have one day in Paris. Let me say that one day in Paris is so not enough, but we made the best of it and one of the first places we stopped was the Louvre. The legendary museum has rebounded from the post-terror slump in tourism that cut Paris visitor numbers by 30%, but in 2017 the total visiting the Louvre had already recovered to 8.1m, The Louvre houses Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and many other world-famous masterpieces. A record 10.2 million people visited the Louvre Museum in Paris last year, making it the world’s most popular museum of fine arts. A Beyoncé and Jay-Z pop video made in the museum is reckoned to have helped boost the numbers. Louvre director Jean-Luc Martinez said it was a sign that Paris had recovered from the fall in tourism after the 2015 Islamist terror attacks. Foreigners accounted for nearly 75% of the Louvre’s visitors in 2018. I will say this, the expanse of The Louvre was overwhelming. You could spend a couple of days there and not even come close to seeing all there is to see!

Everywhere the eye can roam there are sculptures and paintings and the celebration of the human spirit and the human body.

And the thing that most impressed me was this stuff was very old.


The beauty and detail was breath taking and it was literally everywhere you turned! I feel very blessed to have experienced it and would go back in a heartbeat…and maybe we will! You should too!!



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