The Masters In November! What’s Next Christmas In July?

The coronavirus pandemic has reeked so much havoc on all of our lives it’s almost unbelievable! Cancellation of of everything from our favorite concerts and summer events to holidays like Thanksgiving now being put under the pall of not being a very good idea to gather as large family groups. Sadly I have decided to cancel my Thanksgiving gathering with family coming in from 3 different states. One flying two driving. The presidential election with so many voting early (a good thing) and so many more voting by mail (another good thing). Not even being able to go out and enjoy a relaxing dinner at our favorites restaurants or a movie to just escape for a little while! Basketball and hockey played in bubbles to keep the players safe and are without fans in the stands. Baseball with a 60 game season and football in empty stadiums and golf with it’s tournaments all out of sorts on the calendar. It is so weird to think and watch The Masters two weeks before Thanksgiving. I’m glad it’s taking place, but I’m a traditionalist and The Masters is always a real sign of Spring…second week of April. Not in 2020. Of course there is no normal in 2020! We have to all make adjustments and I know this thing has hurt so many families who have lost a loved one so I guess my point is that even with all the changes and disappointments we are dealing with we do adjust and we do persevere. We have to stay the course, follow the science and trust we’re getting the real skinny on what to do! That includes the social distancing and wearing the damn mask.