What’s the one food you’ll DEFINITELY be eating on Super Bowl Sunday?

I’m asking because I’m the chef tonight and I need your help.  A new survey looked into the most common foods served at Super Bowl parties and 47% of parties this year will have some type of chips-and-dip dish, making it the most popular dish at your party tonight.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean chips are dip are our favorite food to eat tonight for the big game.

Another recent survey of 3,000 people found the #1 thing we want to eat are wings!

Also, we’ll eat 1.4 billion chicken wings, 10 million pounds of ribs, at least 8 million pounds of guacamole and drink more than 50 million cases of beer.  

The people have spoken! On my grocery list: wings, chips and dip and of course, beer.

Wish me luck! Go Rams!