The Most Disturbing Way to Teach Kids the “OA” Sound

Look closely.

As I was helping my wife clean and organize her new classroom, we had to rearrange a few items that were up on the wall. That included alphabet and number lines and these phonics cards that, I presume, are meant to teach kids pronunciations of certain letter combinations.

This one in particular caught my eye. Allow me to walk you through what I see is happening in this photo.

First, the goat. It appears as if this poor goat is being crushed by an enormous falling tree, presumably to his death, while the other creatures look on in amusement.

Then there is this poor child’s reaction. He is clearly mortified by the fate of this friendly looking goat, screaming in horror at the scene unfolding in front of him.

So kids, the sound that “oa” makes is like the vowel sound in “goat” or “boat” or “oak” or the sound you make when you witness the untimely crushing death of said goat under an oak while holding a boat!



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