The New Emoji’s have arrived.  Check em out inside the post!

The New Emoji’s are here!  What’s your Fav?

21 new emojis just arrived!  We heard about them last summer, but now they’re available if you download iPhone’s new beta update.  They’re also in the new Android O.S. that goes wide next month.

Most of them are things you’ll never use, like pea pods, a moose, a goose, a donkey, and a jellyfish.  But a few of them might be useful.

The biggest update is there’s finally a way to “HIGH-FIVE” people.  You have to use two emojis to do it.

There’s a new right-facing palm, and a left-facing palm.  So if you pair them up, it looks like two hands high-fiving.  They come in five different skin tones, plus the classic “Simpsons” yellow.

A few more new emojis you might use include a pink heart . . . a light blue heart . . . a gray heart . . . a Wi-Fi emoji . . . a wing that looks like angel wings . . . and a Sikh symbol called a “Khanda.”  (KAAN-duh)

There’s also a new “shaking face” emoji that looks like it’s in the middle of an earthquake.  It can be used to convey “shock, fear, confusion, disbelief, anticipation, and excitement.”

Here are the rest of the new emojis you probably WON’T use much:  Black bird . . . hyacinth flower . . . folding hand fan . . . hair pick . . . flute . . . maracas . . . and a new “ginger” emoji.  The food, not the hair color.




(Here’s a photo of all 21 new emojis.  Or, it’s 31 if you count all the different high-five skin tones.)