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The New Social Media Trend that could do away with some body-shaming.

I have been working on taking some inches off my nearly 60 year-old body.  I have been using special pre and pro-biotic that helps burn off your white fat.  I’ve been doing this for about 70 days now and I have noticed a major change in my stomach area.

I have also noticed that when I eat, I get pretty bloated and feel like I have made no progress until the “biotics” do their job.  (I think you know what I mean).  So I was happy to see the trending story below that will take some of your shame away. (see below)

The New Social Media Trend Is Taking Pictures of Your Stomach Before and After You Eat

HIGHLIGHTS:  There’s a new social media trend where people are posting a photo that shows their stomach before they eat a big meal . . . and then a photo that shows them afterwards.

FULL STORY:  If you’ve ever mowed down a Chipotle burrito, looked down at your stomach, and said, “Am I six months pregnant?” . . . now there’s a social media trend for that.

A 24-year-old woman named Clara Guillem from Nashville, Tennessee started posting selfies on TikTok that show her stomach before she eats a big meal . . . and then one that shows her after.

And now other people are getting in on the trend and posting their before and after photos.

Clara says she’s gotten a ton of great feedback from people who were insecure about their BLOATING after eating . . . and now this is helping them realize it’s totally normal.


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