Back in the day, kids used to just steal dad’s Stroh’s or mom’s Boone’s Farm.

Oh, how times have changed! Now when kids are looking to get drunk, they don’t raid the liquor cabinet, they head for the pantry and take down that tiny brown bottle of vanilla extract!

I think I remember hearing that vanilla extract had some alcohol in it, but I didn’t realize it was 70 proof! For reference, Tito’s vodka is 80 proof!

Kids in Atlanta are walking into any grocery store, hit the baking aisle and pick up a shot of this stuff, which they are pouring into coffee to catch a buzz before school. Not only is that concerning for their health, but it’s highly likely they are now driving impaired, as well!

Now that we know those tiny bottles are so high in alcohol, should the sale be restricted like other alcoholic products?

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