The perfect design meets modern technology

I’ve taken a lot of ribbing over the last decade or so because I’ve been one of the last holdouts still using an old-fashioned flip phone.  I’ve always considered it pretty much the perfect design.  You can’t butt dial because it’s closed.  It has real buttons so you can almost use it without staring at it.  But I do carry a tablet with me a lot since sometimes I need the mobile connectivity of a smart phone.

Enter Samsung.  And this is in no way a paid ad for Samsung.  But I got an ad email from an electronics store the other day who’s carrying their smart flip phone.  It basically looks like the usual smart phone except that the thing folds in half!  So when you open it, it’s like most people’s phones are today, but fold it and it fits in your pocket with a small display of the time, etc. on the outside.

Now of course, I’d have to see how big it is — I don’t like even regular flip phones that are too big to comfortably fit in my pocket.

And I’m sure it’ll cost more than I’m interested in spending, especially if it catches on.  So I’ll have to wait until something even cooler comes along to catch people’s attention.  Then I might be able to afford it.  Until then, you can reach me on my little flip.  Even in the car.  Yes, it does have bluetooth!