The Polar Vortex Could Be Back By The End Of The Month!!

As of today we have 69 days till Spring arrives and so far this winter has been reasonably mild. I walked into town today, stopped at Starbucks and took the long way home and was not uncomfortable at all. It felt very refreshing! I’m seeing some things that may spell different times coming our way by the end of the month. It would seem the the Polar Vortex (remember 2014?) may be brewing up around the north pole and thinking of moving south and making an appearance down here toward the end of January. Now don’t call me an alarmist, but it was damn cold back 7 years ago and if it’s coming again I for one want to be ready. Ready to stay in and shelter in place (oh wait we’re already doing that and it’s not even very cold yet) or make plans to get out of town (yeah but flying still doesn’t hold a great appeal for me either) so I guess it’s suck it up cause we choose to live here!!

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