So I hope at some point in your life you have watched the 1967 Mel Brooks Oscar winning film – The Producers.  It is, like all Mel Brooks films, silly in the best possible way.  Mel always has you laughing and he likes to take risks and he particularly pushed the envelope a bit with The Producers.

So in 2001 a musical was put together based on that hysterical film which ended up winning 12 Tony awards and had amazing success.  Another film was made based on the musical and flash forward to 2019 the always clever Paramount Theatre has put on it’s own production.

I was lucky enough to go and see this production recently and I honestly don’t think I have been at a play where people laughed out loud as much as they did at this one.  But it’s not all just comedy.  There are some amazing musical numbers, fabulous set design and it’s a great story.   The 21 piece orchestra sounded fab and of course the Paramount always makes it such a fun theatre experience.

It’s not often that I want to go back and see a play for the second time so soon after seeing it, but with this production I really do.  So grab some tickets and head over to the Paramount.  (and while your at it … grab some season tickets for next year … they have some great productions coming up and the season tickets are always a really good deal.)