“The Producers” @ The Paramount.

Another delightful Saturday night at the theater. “The Producers” opened at The Paramount. We have come to expect top notch productions and this one is no disappointment. Staged in the magnificent Paramount Theater The cast and crew are all hitting the “high notes” with ease. Such a fun and frolicking presentation that held our attention from the opening scenes to the curtain call. Mel Brooks adaptation of his book on film and then later on Broadway first starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder and then remade with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. I must say the cast of this production of “The Producers” totally gets it and gives you a cheerfully upbeat and utterly tasteless musical play bringing about “Springtime For Hitler” purporting to be about the happy home life of a brutal dictator. Wacky, zany and slapstick it is so entertaining and so much fun. Totally worth your time and effort!



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