This government shutdown is a problem for thousands of Americans, both directly (federal workers not getting paychecks) and indirectly.

The tongue-in-cheek headline aside, craft beer manufacturers are being affected! Thanks to the squabbling between Trump and the Democrats, the federal agencies tasked with inspecting facilities has had to close up shop. That means its harder for new breweries to open and existing breweries to expand because the buildings aren’t being inspected.

It’s also slowed down the release of new beers because the agency responsible for approving labels is being affected by the shutdown. No label approval means no new bottles/cans can be released. Sad!

Sure, maybe this isn’t quite as bad as loads of TSA agents calling in sick because they aren’t getting paid, but it does matter to those small business owners who are losing income.

The shutdown has even prompted restaurants to give free meals to federal workers! That’s how bad this is getting!

I don’t care who’s fault this is or what side of the aisle you’re on…this silliness just needs to end!