I think we all were heartbroken at the way yesterday’s events unfolded. Everyone wanted young Timmothy Pitzen to be reunited with his family, no one more so than his aunt and grandmother who bravely made statements after we all found out the news that a man lied about who he was.

So are there any positives we can take from such an upsetting turn of events? I think there is: Timmothy’s case that has been off the radar for so long is, at least for a little while, at the forefront of people’s consciousness.

The media coverage could have informed a whole new segment of the population about Timmothy’s story.

Maybe, just maybe, the false hope we clung to yesterday can morph into actual hope for the future.

Maybe Timmothy himself, or people around him, saw the public outcry from the community and his family and will reach out in some way.

Maybe the media coverage sparked a memory inside someone, and that person goes to the police which leads to a better outcome.

Maybe something good can finally come from the pain felt by millions after yesterday’s news.

Maybe the old public relations adage fits here: There’s no such thing as bad publicity.