I’m sure you’ve heard the story, but if you haven’t, here’s the item that sparked the news story that contained the one paragraph that I feel is an accurate portrayal of how we as an social media society operate today.

With that in mind, I take you to an article from BuzzFeed News that included the following hilarious paragraph. If an alien were to come to Earth and land in America and it wanted to know about how our collective social minds operated today, this is the paragraph I would read to it:

The napkins have since sparked a furious debate between people who are offended by the napkins and people who are offended by those who were offended by the napkins.

I love sentence so much I want to marry it! I can’t stop reading it!

For the record, I think this lady in that CNN hit is spot on. With everything else that I have to worry about as an American, a napkin isn’t even registering on my radar.

Can some creepy guys use this to hit on a woman who has no interest in any sort of engagement with them? Yes. Should the woman have to put up with it? No. I think the napkins a hilarious marketing idea, but one probably left for Delta and Coke employees to laugh about internally.

I’m going to make sure to post this on Facebook for the sole reason it pops up on my “memories” every single year!

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