The Songs That Calm People Down When They Feel Overwhelmed

Well, we’re a week into 2021, and if possible, things are getting WORSE.  So Buzzfeed asked its fans to name a song that calms them down when they feel overwhelmed.

No science here, just a bunch of people’s opinions . . . which is why you’ll find everything from Louis Armstrong to Linkin Park.  Here are 20 highlights:

1.  “Betty”Taylor Swift

2.  “Good as Hell”Lizzo

3.  “When the Party’s Over”Billie Eilish

4.  “Good News”Mac Miller

5.  “Viva La Vida”Coldplay

6.  “Rhiannon”Fleetwood Mac

7.  “What a Wonderful World”Louis Armstrong

8.  “Yesterday”The Beatles

9.  “Helpless”,  The cast of “Hamilton”

10.  “September”Earth, Wind & Fire

11.  “Welcome to the Black Parade”My Chemical Romance

12.  “All I Ask”Adele

13.  “Given Up”Linkin Park

14.  “Shaken Up”Florence + the Machine

15.  “Don’t Stop Me Now”Queen

16.  “Fight Song”Rachel Platten

17.  “The Middle”Jimmy Eat World

18.  “When the Levee Breaks”Led Zeppelin (My JAM!)

19.  “I Want You Back”The Jackson 5

20.  “No Tears Left to Cry”Ariana Grande

(There are 48 in all.  Check out the rest here.)