The strange case of the Demon and the really cold cereal

Let’s face it, we probably all have some things we do with food that make other people go “huh?”  It’s a wonder my dad didn’t die of pork poisoning since he consistently ordered his bacon “medium” at restaurants.  He preferred it floppy rather than crispy.  I don’t order the medium bacon, but I do often do another thing he taught me — putting pancake syrup on cottage cheese!  That might sound weird at first, but is it really any weirder than putting fruit on it, or jelly?  OK, maybe the jelly is weird too.

Also, since my mom didn’t salt the water as the instructions say when she made oatmeal, I got in the habit of salting my oatmeal, which always got strange looks from friends.  And strangely enough, I can’t see salting watermelon.

This one isn’t so much about food to eat, but when you drop an ice cube on the ground, do you throw it in the sink or in the garbage?  I of course throw it in the sink — it’s just water — but I think there are some people who go with the garbage.

And the subject of ice cubes brings us to the Demon — Gene Simmons himself.  He recently admitted on Twitter, complete with a picture, that he puts ice cubes in his cold cereal!  His son Nick replied to his tweet, “30 years watching him do this.  This is my life.”  Personally for me, the milk from the fridge is cold enough.

Maybe Mrs. Butterworth’s on cottage cheese isn’t so weird after all.