The Sun Is Back, But Hey Let’s Be Careful Out There!

Well we finally got some warm and decent weather over this past weekend and it looks like it’s here to stay. I’m OK with that and it was a weekend to be outdoors. I did a good bit of planting on Saturday and was outside in the sun most of the day. I use sunscreen and I do love being in the sun, but we all know that too much of any one thing is not gonna be good for ya. Too much sun, of course, and put you in a precarious position with possible skin cancer. The risk is there and the cases of skin cancer seem to be on the rise. Now I have stated many times that I’m a sun guy and I do like getting that warm feeling of being out in the sun, but nobody wants to deal with skin cancer. I’ve had more than my share of sunburns over the years and my dermatologist has been on me to wear the damn hat on the golf course. So I do listen a bit and heed, but sometimes I cheat a little. No hat for the front nine sssshhh….don’t tell her although I’m sure she can figure it out when I come in for my yearly check up. So I guess my message is the sun is back but don’t forget what can come with it!

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