We have finally had a spot of sunshine … which let’s face it is so good for the soul.   When I play songs like Don Henley’s Boys of Summer on The River in the middle of January it always seems unkind.   But guess what … Summer is around the corner, so it’s time to crank out the summer tunes.

Music is such a big part of summer fun!   Songs about cruising in convertibles.   Songs about catching a wave at the beach.  Songs about just hanging with your friends.  There is so much positivity in summer tunes!

So there are a ton of great songs about summer but there is one I look forward to hearing over and over every year.    I love the song and I love the girls who sing it.  Cruel Summer” was not an immediate international success when it was released. Although it reached No.8 on the UK Singles Chart, its international popularity soared after its inclusion in the 1984  hit film The Karate Kid.  I absolutely loved Bananarama’s look and did my best as a teenager to mimic it.   Acutally… I just read that dungarees are making a comeback in 2019 … so lets go and grab a pair … tease our eighties hair  and play this classic over and over!

What’s one of your favorite summer tunes?