Tim is our weekend morning lad.   He along with the lovely Jessi Beretta makes sure you start your Saturday and Sunday mornings with a smile and some serious tunes.  You can hear Tim most weekends from 6-10 on Saturday and 7-10 on Sunday.   Also Tim helps me out quite a lot by filling in .  He will be filling in for me next week when I go out to Detroit to see Heart, Joan Jett and Elle King.  – (Thanks Tim).

So he wanted to know what is your favorite cover song?  I have talked about cover songs before.  I struggle with the recent Weezer batch of covers because although they are fun, I have to ask … what was the point.  They aren’t that different from the original so you may as well just listen to that.  I like a cover that truly reinvents the song but keeps just enough that you recognize it.  So this song below ticks all the boxes for me.

So it is no big secret that some Hip Hop music can have some pretty misogynistic lyrics (yeah and so can rock and roll … I’m talking to you eighties hair metal!) so what I really love about this cover is that Jenny Owens takes those ridiculously sexist lyrics and just owns them.  She also adds quite of bit of humor to not only the cover but the video.  At the same time … it’s a great version.  She sounds great and you find yourself singing along even if it is too silly lyrics like I was like, “good gracious, ass is bodacious”.

NSFW   (Also I have to give a runner-up shout out the The Gourds who did an amazing bluegrass cover of Snoop’s Gin and Juice … it’s a little sweary so don’t say I didn’t warn ya.)