The Tollways Will Now Be Cashless. Now What?

According to the Illinois Tollway, 92% of all transactions in 2019 were cashless. That means the decision to go cashless permanently only effects a small number of people, but 8% is still significant. Now that there is no cash option when driving on our tollways, what is a person to do?

The first option would be to get an I-Pass. Starting in May, there will be an assistance program for low-income drivers where they will have the deposit waived and $20 added to their account. “Low income” will be people with household income 250% above the poverty line.

I-Pass transponders are available at any Jewel-Osco, but you must set up your account online or at a Tollway Customer Service Center.

If you are a driver without internet access, you can replenish your I-Pass account by phone 1-800-UC-IPASS(1-800-824-7277) or in person at Tollway Customer Service Centers, or mailing a check to
P.O. Box 5544,
Chicago, IL 60680-5544.

Second would be to pay your tolls online. There is a two-week grace period to pay tolls on the Illinois Tollway website before any sort of fine is issued.

If you do not have an I-Pass account, you can use their “Pay by Plate” system. Drivers can register their license plate and pay either before or after they drive.

I hope you find this information useful while we all wait for the tolls to be rescinded like they were supposed to back in the 1980s when the original bonds were paid off. But hey…welcome to Illinois.