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The Tom Cali Music Challenge – What is your favorite all female band?

There have been so many amazing girl groups in the past.  The sixties produced some fantastic girl groups (in fact I was in Trader Joes shopping today and they were playing The Supremes – Come See About Me and I was totally dancing in the grocery aisle!)   The late seventies and early eighties brought some more rocking girl bands – the most pivotal and ground breaking was of course – The Runaways.   However there have been some other totally rocking bands that followed (I was a big L7 fan in the nineties!)   Truth be told I like the poppy bands too … The Go Go’s were super fun and I have been known to hit the dance floor to a Spice Girl tune.  However, I went with a band that I feel kinda covered the spectrum of sound.

What I love most about the Bangles (particularly early Bangles before they went all Egyptian) is that they had a great balance between rock and pop.  I feel like most girl groups fall into one or the other.  They either try to be too tough or they are bubble gum sweet.  The Bangles found a balance.  The album that this track below is from is amazing and just full of really brilliant tunes.   I may have been drawn to this song because … well … it is my name.  But to be honest what I really love about this track are the harmonies … When the band started out the focus wasn’t just on Suzanna Hoff (who I love) but all the band sang and it was much more collaborative.  As is often the case … record companies focused on Suzanna because lets face she was adorable (still is!)  But that caused friction which eventually caused the demise of a great all girl band.  But lets enjoy what they gave us before they broke up.


Also check out this fun video with a rather spacey cameo …

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