The top 10 according to Col

OK, let me get one thing out of the way first, by way of a confession of ignorance.  Col Needham is the CEO of imdb, and of course Col is short for Colin.  When I first saw his name, I thought it was short for Colonel Needham, like Colonel Sanders.  So we’re done with that.

So here are Col’s (not the Colonel’s) top picks for movies of 2019:

10.  Rocketman  –  The “musical fantasy” biopic of Elton John

9.  Doctor Sleep  –  a far down the road sequel to The Shining

8.  1917  –  a World War I drama inspired by a story told to the director by his grandfather

7.  Blinded By the Light  –  an Asian Springsteen fan lives his life by the words of the Boss

6.  Yesterday  –  an alternate timeline movie where the main character is the only one who remembers The Beatles, so people think it’s his brilliance when he relates the songs

5.  Portrait of a Lady on Fire

4.  Knives Out  –  One of the 2 on this list that I’ve actually seen!  An intriguing and funny whodunnit, and I don’t usually like whodunnits.  Daniel Craig’s Louisiana accent is amazing!

3.  Avengers: Endgame  –  Possibly the final Avengers chapter?  Who knows.

2.  The Aeronauts

1.  Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood  –  The other one I’ve seen.  Classic Tarantino and excellent chemistry between DiCaprio and Pitt.