The Top 10 Ways to Make Your Neighbors Jealous

I have a friend whose neighbor actually put a full bag of dog poop next to his driveway so his place would stink up the neighborhood.  He built a bigger fence so he wouldn’t have to seem them anymore.  I have seen them screaming at each other across the lawns.  Want to show up your neighbor?  Here’s how.

Neighbors can be competitive about the dumbest stuff . . . you mention that you haven’t had 15 minutes to pick some weeds, and they talk about how exhausting it’s been installing a new sauna in their backyard.

A recent poll asked people what outdoor features they’d want . . . specifically to make their neighbors jealous.  Here’s the list:

1.  A guest house or gazebo to hang out in.

2.  A hot tub.

3.  A pizza oven.

4.  A cozy seating area.

5.  An outdoor drinks bar.

6.  An outdoor projector to show movies.

7.  Outdoor heating . . . like those restaurant patio heaters.

8.  A water feature . . . like a pool or fountain.

9.  A fire pit.

10.  An outdoor dining area.