The Top American Foods That Foreigners Crave When They Leave the U.S.

I was pretty surprised at this survey, because Chinese Food and Mexican food are usually not popular among foodies because they really don’t represent the “true” versions of either of these foods.  But wait, that’s not the way Foreigners feel.  Check out the survey below.

There’s a thread online where foreigners are talking about the American foods and drinks they REALLY crave when they’re back home.  The people are from different countries . . . and some countries may have things that others don’t . . . but apparently, these are some of the things that they miss the most:

1.  Americanized Chinese food . . . and that’s coming from someone in Asia.

2.  “Great Mexican food” . . . it’s fairly likely this person is not from Mexico.

3.  Maple syrup . . . it’s fairly likely this person is not from Canada.

4.  Chick-fil-A . . . Wendy’s was also mentioned, along with In-N-Out Burger, Taco Bell, and Cracker Barrel.

5.  Mozzarella sticks, with marinara sauce for dipping.

6.  Root beer.

7.  “Gas station beef jerky,” which is expensive and hard to find in Europe.

8.  Jambalaya.

9.  American BBQ.

10.  American breakfasts . . . pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes.

11.  Pop Tarts . . . which are available in some specialty “American shops” abroad, but they also cost three-times the price.  That’s probably the case for many of the products mentioned.

12.  The cereal selection at grocery stores.

13.  “Everything” bagels.

14.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

15.  Peanut butter.

16.  Hidden Valley ranch dressing.

17.  Chicken wings with buffalo sauce.

18.  And yes, someone said “those huge cans of Arizona Iced Tea.”



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