The Top Awkward Tasks We’d Pay Someone to Do for Us

Once or twice a week, I see Doggy Pooper Scooper trucks heading to Geneva to pick up other people’s dog’s poop.  While it is a crappy task (lol), I would be embarrassed to hire someone to do that for me.  Check out the top awkward tasks that most people would rather pay someone else to do for us.

People were asked to think of the most awkward situation they’ve been in, and how much they would have paid to avoid it.  And the average answer was $6,200.  (!!!)  Here are the top ten awkward situations we’d pay someone else to take care of . . .

1.  Calling a locksmith after you locked yourself out.  31% would pay for it instead of breaking in, or staying with someone for the night.

2.  Repair someone’s fence after backing your car into it, 27%.

3.  Assemble IKEA furniture for you after struggling to do it yourself, 25%.

4.  Remove a bad tattoo, 24%.  I guess the alternative is just deal with it?

5.  Fix your kid’s haircutting accident, 20%.

6.  Go get your stuff after a break-up, 19%.

7.  Steam clean a friend’s carpet after you spilled wine on it, 18%.  (I’ve PUKED wine onto a friend’s rug before.  Does that count?)

8.  Adult swimming lessons, 17%.

9.  Buying an embarrassing medication or product, 13%.

10.  Lessons on emerging technology, like crypto . . . just so you can sound smart when you talk about it.  13% would pay for that.