The Toys Keep Getting Bigger!

I have been warned on more than on occasion that the size of a child’s toy is disproportionate to their age – meaning the younger they are, the larger their toys.

This philosophy proves true time and time again, and there is no more prime example than BABs…Max and Macy’s newest “friend” that they got for their birthday.

Who hates us?!

BABs (I think you can figure out how he got his name), by my estimation, is 7-8 feet tall and tips the scales at around 50 lbs. We had to move furniture around to find a suitable location for him to live.

And this comes at the tail end of my two kids’ birthdays, so not only do we have BABs hanging out with us, but more bikes than kids in our garage along with new power wheels ride-on cars/Jeeps that actually forced our REAL cars out of the garage and into the driveway.

What the heck?!

But hey, as annoying as it is, it’s a blessing that these two kids have family and friends that love them and want to give them gifts to make them happy. Not every child has that opportunity, so while I complain, I still know how lucky we are.