The Trendiest Liquor Purchases Are: Tequila, Cocktails-in-a-Can, and Non-Alcoholic Options

If you’re like me, you already have an eye on Memorial Day weekend . . . and you may be looking to enjoy an adult beverage or two. So what are people drinking these days?

According to an alcohol delivery service, TEQUILA could be huge this summer. They say it’s already trending 7% ahead of whiskey, which is also popular.

The #1 drink that Americans say they want to TRY the most is: Tequila-based cocktails-in-a-can. 43% of people are looking to try those.

In general, ready-to-drink cocktails are surging in popularity, so less people are making their own mixed drinks at home.

Non-alcoholic drinks are popular with Millennials and Gen Z . . . because they’re looking for a “healthier lifestyle” with less calories and sugar.

The younger generations are also willing to spend more on premium liquors for casual get-togethers, while Boomers are cool with the cheap stuff.