The US Military is Testing a Pill That Could Delay Aging.

So we all deal with the aging thing. It becomes a little more acute as you actually do get older. I never really had a problem with birthdays, Ok one birthday! 25. I thought Holy Shit I’m gonna be a quarter century old and for about 3 days I was freaking out…shorta. Then I one morning I looked in the mirror and said: “Shut up you wimp! Deal with it!” And I did. No age issues since then. Don’t worry about the wrinkles or the grey hair or the hair that wasn’t grey that’s just not there anymore. I just celebrate getting up outta bed each day and being vertical again! Take that birthday and elevate it. Make it a special day, because it is. Speaking of birthdays, today is Ringo Starr’s birthday! Believe it or not he’s 81 today. The older you get the more you’ve experienced and hopefully enjoyed. Now with my attitude I’m not saying I don’t do things to help me stay healthier and thus live longer. Eat right, exercise and laugh. Laughter is the breath of life! Now I see the US Military is testing a pill that could delay aging. That got my attention! Interested click below.

The US Military is Testing a Pill That Could Delay Aging