The Vaccine. Can Your Employer Require It?

So the Pfizer vaccine is rolling out and the front liners nurses, doctors, health care workers are getting their immunizations first. This makes total sense because they are the ones on the front line and  we need them safe and focused. The Moderna vaccine looks like it will be Ok’d by the FDA in the next week or so and that’s just another addition to the positive news about the fight against COVID. I see polls are changing and more and more folks are saying they are willing to get the vaccine. I get the fact that many don’t want to be first in line, but it seems more folks now are feeling safe and positive about getting vaccinated. I know I want to! I’m in the age category with some pre-existing conditions that put me at a higher risk, so I’m in. Some interesting questions have arisen about mandatory immunizations. Can your employer require you to take the vaccine as a requirement for employment? The short answer is yes, with some exceptions.

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