The Vaccine Is Becoming More Readily Available. You In?

So how do you feel about taking the COVID19 vaccine? For me it’s a no brainer. Age, pre-existing conditions and a very strong survival mode have me in line. I get that some are hesitant because of the fast rollout but by the time most of the general public gets their shots the vaccine will have been around for say 5 or 6 months and most side affects seem to appear shorty after getting the shot. This pandemic is like nothing any of us has ever seen and we all need to be as on guard and cooperative as we can be. Now there’s talk about employers possibly paying workers to to get vaccinated and in some cases the government might pay workers to take their shots. Either way it looks like the general public over 65 will have availability to the vaccine next week, so you or mom and dad need to check and see where and when they gat get vaccinated. It also looks like drug chains like CVS and Walgreens will be taking reservations for coronavirus shots.


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