There are a lot of really great moments when music has been used in movies.   (Don’t even get me started on the lastest season of Stranger Things … the music was amazing!)    Sometimes a familiar song will be used in a movie scene and that’s super fun because you know the track.   However it is even more fun when you are introduced to a song via a movie.

This is a great question that was asked by River listener Veronica Sherlock (and the answer is not elementary my dear listener … sorry Veronica I couldn’t resist!)   There have been lots of moments recently where I have heard a song and I instantly google the movie soundtrack to find out who it is.  But back in the day you had to do a little more legwork to find out who sang the song.   It was a challenge but a rewarding one.

So I loved the original version of this song by Tears For Fears but when I heard this haunting version in the Donnie Darko film … I was like WHAT??  WHO IS THIS?   It has since always been a regular on my playlists.    Gary Jules really hasn’t done much else musically but the success of this song has been worldwide ( It became the UK Christmas Number One single of 2003 – which is kind of a big deal over there.) If you haven’t heard it before definitely check it out.

(One little side note… my husband used to be in a band called The Lupins in the nineties and one of their songs appears in the Dumb and Dumber film … so I could have answered with that one but it seemed a little self promoting  – but here’s the song anyway )