So this was anti-climactic, and a bit surprising, honestly.

On Friday afternoon we put a vinyl record in the back of one of our station vehicles, asking ourselves how long it would take to melt or warp.

Apparently, that was the wrong question!

We should have asked if it would warp at all, and the answer would be no!

[I’d show you an updated photo, but nothing happened!]

We put the record in the back of the truck around 3:00 on Friday. We checked it two hours later, and nothing happened, so we said, “OK, let’s just leave it the rest of the weekend. We should have a pretty cool bowl by Monday.” We even tried to take a time lapse video of it, but the heat caused our device to overheat and stop working.

Even thought temperatures reached the upper 90s with temperatures inside the truck much higher than that, that record didn’t warp one bit!

And in case you’re wondering, this wasn’t a record of value (as far as I know, anyway). It was “Music of Hawaii” by Leroy Holmes and his Orchestra.

But just because our record didn’t wilt doesn’t mean it wasn’t stupid hot outside! Take a look at how some other organizations handled the heat:

The National Weather Service in Omaha made some breakfast:

Animals at the Akron Zoo had a special frozen treat:

And fans at Wrigley literally cheered for a breeze!