The Weirdest Law in All 50 States

And away we go…

Fox News posted a list of the weirdest law in all 50 states.  Some are old laws that don’t apply anymore, and the rest are rarely enforced.  Here are a few of the strangest ones that are apparently still on the books . . .

1.  California:  You can’t eat frogs that died in a frog-jumping competition.

2.  Colorado:  No upholstery on outdoor furniture.  The exception is if you’re selling it in a yard sale.

3.  Indiana:  No catching fish with your bare hands, and no DYNAMITE either.

4.  Kansas:  Kids over 14 can’t use playgrounds.

5.  Kentucky:  Reptiles can’t be used in religious services.

6.  Maine:  No gambling at the airport.

7.  Massachusetts:  If you sing the national anthem in public, you have to sing the whole thing.  No stopping halfway through, or you could be fined $100.

8.  Michigan:  A 1913 law made it illegal to be drunk on a train.  But in Minnesota, being drunk in public anywhere ISN’T a crime.

9.  Mississippi:  No swearing in public if two or more people are around.

10.  Nebraska:  Technically, you can’t get married if you have an STD.

11.  New Hampshire:  No collecting seaweed at night.

12.  New Mexico:  No dancing while wearing a sombrero.  (???)

13.  Pennsylvania:  No explosives at weddings.  You can’t fire a gun either.

14.  South Carolina:  It’s illegal for a man to seduce a woman by promising to marry her if he doesn’t mean it.  You can get up to a year in jail for it.

15.  South Dakota:  You can’t use fireworks to protect sunflowers from birds.

16.  Tennessee:  Unless you have a permit, you can’t keep a skunk as a pet.

17.  Utah:  You can’t buy beer in containers larger than two liters.  So, no kegs.

18.  Virginia:  No hunting within 200 yards of a church on Sundays.

19.  Washington:  Shoe stores can’t use X-ray machines to find a shoe that fits.

20.  West Virginia:  You can’t use a ferret to help you hunt.