This past week I was lucky enough to check out two shows at the Arcada theater.   They were great shows at a great price and I took a moment to recognize how lucky I was to be able to drive 15 minutes and be able to go out for a great meal and then go hear some great live music.   The Arcada theater brings all kinds of great bands to St. Charles (the next Arcada show I want to check out is  The Ultimate Queen Experience which is featuring Marc Martel.  He was the voice of Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody (you didn’t really think Rami Malak could be that talented an actor and that good a singer too did you?)

And the Arcada is not the only place for great music in the western suburbs.    We are so lucky because when summer rolls around we have River’s Edge Park.   I saw Elle King there last summer and it was a great show.  Great vibe, great venue and you get to sit under the stars while the river goes by.   The Paramount theatre has started bringing some cool bands to the burbs as well.   Just last month Boyz II Men played there.   What a fab venue to see a soulful band like that.

Combine those three venues with all the local bars that showcase so much great local music, we are lucky to be living where we do.   What show in the burbs’ are you most looking forward to seeing this summer?