The Whole World’s Watching, Again!!

Today marks the anniversary’s of two very important historical events that fell on the same day just five years apart. Wednesday August 28th, 1963 The March on Washington and the speech by Dr. Martin Luther King….”I Have A Dream”. There is a 57th anniversary gathering in Washington today. Wednesday August 28th, 1968 with both Dr. King and Bobby Kennedy felled by assassins bullets just a few months earlier, the Democrats convene in Chicago to nominate Hubert Humphrey as their Presidential candidate while thousands protest in the streets demonstrating against the Viet Nam war and the policies of the Johnson administration. The police would stop the protests with force and the whole world saw the results. No anniversary planned here for that event today!! With what have witnessed over the past few years and the passed few months it would seem that in some ways not much has changed! The divide in this country is as wide if not wider than it was in the 60’s during the Viet Nam War. The issues are somewhat different and yet some are the same, but some are those that have lingered for decades, even centuries and remain a roadblock to peace and freedom for all. With 67 days until election day the whole world’s watching again and it’s up to each of us to keep things civil and participate in the process with liberty, justice and respect for all.

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