I was expecting a t-shirt with a tree on it, or maybe a hat with their logo, but true to form, the marketing minds at the Forest Preserve District of Will County continues to impress.

First it was their “Don’t be a Jerk” campaign, and now this.

Forest Preserve District of Will County

To support their Take It Outside Challenge, the FPDWC is selling these super cool t-shirts and other items like, magnets and a stylish dog bandanas, allowing individuals to express their love for nature. The T-shirts feature creatures and snappy sayings including, “stay trashy” for raccoons and “keep the drinks coming” for hummingbirds.

“We hope people will like the items we’ve selected,” said Laura Kiran, the Forest Preserve’s director of marketing and Communications. “Each one is truly unique, fun to wear, and they make great gifts for other nature lovers you may know.”

Proceeds from sales support The Nature Foundation of Will County, willcountynature.org, which funds various Forest Preserve initiatives. Orders can be placed through the online store, with shipping available twice a week. For questions about orders that have been placed, email [email protected].

The online store was inspired by the popularity of the yearlong Take It Outside Challenge; over 1,000 participants have completed more than 40,000 missions so far. Once participants saw the challenge T-shirt that was being given out to a few random winners each month, they wanted to order their own. That demand sparked the idea for the online store.

The challenge continues to offer new missions weekly, with participants earning points and prizes through the free Goosechase app. The Take It Outside Challenge is part of the broader Take It Outside Campaign, sponsored by The Nature Foundation.

For more information and to explore the Forest Preserve’s online store, visit ReconnectWithNature.org.