Earlier this week I asked a question on social media:

It turned out to be one of our most popular social media posts of the year! And you know what…you guys are FUNNY!

My advice is that once the snow falls, everyone get in your car and just drive around. You never know who may need your help. The more people on the roads, the more likely it is someone will be able to help.

Here are some of my favorite answers to the WRONG ways to deal with a winter storm!

Leslie Reason – Y’all, I got it! If everyone would just turn up their heat & open their doors and windows, we can get rid of this cold snap in no time!

Stephen SchwartzIt’s best to wet down your driveway at night so the snow doesn’t stick and the sun doesn’t dry up the water during the day!

Drew Welch – Try on the speedo to make sure it still fits!! I’ll use suspenders with mine.

Jessica Becker – Sand paper helps get the ice off your windows.

Sara Bowden – Cry. Adopt a cat. Stock up on margarita supplies. Fill your house with sand and pretend you’re at the beach. Take a bath… don’t get out until the storm passes. Online shopping. More cats….

Sandi Truax – Put up all your Christmas inflatable’s on the roof!

Spring L Barrett – Set fire to your driveway to heat it up so the snow melts right off.

Michelle Mouflier – Hose down your car, driveway and sidewalk so everything will be nice and clean. And wait for gas prices to go down before filling up-who cares how long the gas light has been on.

Michael Holland – Make sure all house plants are outside and watered thoroughly.

Craig Olson – Time to put winter air in your tires for better performance. Remove the valve stem valves and the high pressure system will have them filled again in no time!