Good Morning! This is Laura Vaughn from The Weekend River in for Nick Jakusz. How did you sleep last night?

A recent study done by a sleep specialist surveyed over 1300 people and found that there are 6 types of sleepers. Here they are:


Morning larks feel most energized in the morning. Larks have no problem waking up early in the morning, but might struggle with late nights. You have your best ideas and get the most done before noon, so it’s worth packing your day towards the morning and giving yourself a break when the sleepiness hits later on.


Night owls are the exact opposite of larks. Owls will feel most creative in the evening and at night, and would far prefer to stay up late than have to get up early. There’s evidence to suggest that forcing night owls into a lark routine can be detrimental to their productivity and their mental health.


If you’re an afternooner, your peak comes in the afternoon. Perhaps you get your best work done and feel on top of the world at 2pm. The tricky part is that you’ll feel sleepy in both the morning and evening.


Napper types are those who feel sleepy in the afternoon, but feel awake in the morning and in the evening. Nappers are the type most likely to desperately want a siesta.


Woodcocks feel feel sleepy all day.


Swifts are alert the entire time they are awake and don’t have any ups and downs in tiredness.

What type of sleeper are you?