There’s a New Video Game System from Atari and It Looks SWEEET

We are currently living in two worlds right now. One is the technologically advanced world of video games, and the other is the nostalgia for everything 80s and 90s.

That’s what makes this new video game system from Atari so freakin’ cool.

It’s called the Atari VCS. It comes with a classic joy stick (with a few slick upgrades), a more modern X-box-looking controller, and an app so you can use your phone to navigate menus.

Yes, you can play a TON of the classic Atari games we all know and love (Pitfall forever!), but there’s a lot more you can do with it, too!

Besides rockin’ the old Atari games and arcade games, the device can function as a full-fledged PC. And it wouldn’t be 2021 if you couldn’t stream some Netflix or Hulu, which you can on this device!

I encourage you to take a deep dive because the functionality goes well beyond what I just described here.

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