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There’s GOLD in that thar asteroid!

Well, tarnation!  NASA is getting ready to study an asteroid that is literally a floating goldmine!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  The asteroid, named ‘Psyche 16’, contains enough precious metals to make everyone on Earth a billionaire.  Researchers estimate its worth at roughly $700 quintillion!  To spell it out, that’s $700,000,000,000,000,000,000.

NASA is launching a probe to get a closer look at Psyche 16.  It will launch sometime next year and arrive in the year 2026.

Of course, the problem is that most precious metals are expensive simply because they’re rare.  So if there were suddenly a quintillion dollars worth of gold hanging around, I think the price of gold would simply hit rock bottom.

And if everyone on Earth actually did become a billionaire, let’s face it, inflation would simply lead to a loaf of bread costing $10,000.

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