There’s Gonna Be A Change In The Weather.

Lots of discussion and disagreement on what’s happening to our planet. Climate change is a hot button issue for many folks and there’s so much info out there it’s hard to absorb it all and know what’s accurate and what’s not! Look at our resent past. We had record snow fall here in a 4 week period of late January to mid February. The cold snap in Texas was incredibly disastrous and tornados in February in the south. A lot to take in, but these are all real. How skeptical are you of your local forecasts you get from our tv stations here. Do you think they over hype storms and make it look much worse than it really ever is? Sure seems that way at least some of the time. Well they are relying on weather program models that perdict what’s coming and when and how much. I mean predicting the weather is almost as tough as predicting stocks. The difference is the stocks it’s only money, the weather could be life changing. “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration upgraded the computer model that forecasters use to predict the weather one to two weeks in the future, called the Global Forecast System. The new model is better at predicting where hurricanes will form and how intense they will be as well as where and when snowstorms and rainstorms will occur, and how much precipitation will fall.”

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